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Rajendar Singh 'de waterman van Rajasthan', India Om haar dorst te lessen, ontwikkelde de bevolking van Rajasthan ingenieuze methodes om regenwater te oogsten. Dankzij deze methodes is de Thar-woestijn een van de meest bevolkte woestijngebieden op aarde. ‘Op de foto achter mij zie je een johad. Deze kleine aarden dam houdt het...'  Lees verder ›
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Green Action Club Student Environmental Policy Club Abu Dhabi, United States
Since the UAE has a burden of 1.2 billion bottles annually, we propose to recycle the bottles and make bricks out of them, rather than carelessly disposing of them in landfills where they will never leave this earth. Bricks can build creative theme parks for children and safe the cost on expensive amusement parks, as we are doing now. Plastic bricks can be used to build Lego Parks, and show our children that they can reuse material rather than simply buy new material over and over again and pollute our planet. The reuse of plastic will reduce the amount of water, oil and CO2 it takes to create these bottles in the first place